Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hot Toddy Recipe

I am coming down with a cold. I spent Friday with my mom, who just confessed to me she has a cold, and then I also spent Thursday and Sunday with my dad who also has a bad cold! I should have seen this coming...

I am doing all sorts of things to try and head it off (vitamin C, oil of oregano, echinacea,  lots of water, rest), and one of the suggestions I got from Twitter was a hot toddy! I have made these before and they really do the trick, so I made a point of picking up some whiskey after work (I had everything else I needed on hand!). And if you don't drink, you can eliminate the booze- when I had a throat infection last month I basically lived off virgin hot toddies to get through work.

Here is my recipe for the perfect Hot Toddy!

- 1 or 2 shots of whiskey or rum. I have also made this with tequila before, but whiskey or rum is probably better tasting. I just bought the cheapest whiskey I could find since I don't really taste it and I don't know my whiskeys anyway
- lemon juice (I prefer to use a couple real lemon slices, but I didn't have any)
- 1 tbsp honey
- pinch of cinnamon/nutmeg
- hot water or tea (I just use water since I add in lots of flavour with the spices)

Mix in a mug and then add hot water! You can use the lemon and spices to your taste too, and customize with anything else that sounds good to you. Then drink! The honey and lemon does wonders for a sore throat, so if you want you can just use those plus hot water.

Wish me luck in feeling better! I have no desire to be sick this week. It makes my Easter chocolate less delicious when I am stuffed up.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pretty Turquoise Things

I have this rule about decorating my home- I don't buy things unless they are pretty. I have a theory that all pretty things automatically go together, so therefore it doesn't take much to make me say "yes" to pretty! Except sometimes pretty things are expensive and my biggest rule about home decorating is don't spend all my money.

I have been eyeing gorgeous lacquer and mirror boxes for awhile, even though I don't really have a need for one. I just think they are pretty! This past weekend I was at Winners (because that is where I generally can be found on weekends) and I found the prettiest mirrored box and it even had a turquoise pattern- and I am a fan of turquoise. I was expecting this box to be $60+ dollars like all the other ones I have seen, but low and behold, it was only $20 and the proceeds went to Shop for Hope, a charity devoted to helping women's shelters. Um, gorgeous, cheap, and for charity? I am in. PS- I also bought that gorgeous stuffed elephant on their webpage for my niece!

Ah, if only there was a home decor tip for storing a wig :). I am using the new box to store my nail polish, because I am fancy. I used to use a dollar store box, but I am pretty happy about this upgrade because there is finally room to store more polishes! To celebrate, I went out bought three more yesterday. I have an addiction.

I also picked up a set of 4 side plates!! Not part of the charity, but just pretty and needed to come home with me. I am trying to cut my addiction to buying pretty bowls by allowing myself to buy pretty plates. One day I shall find the perfect dinner plates and pasta bowls, and then I can finally toss my 5 year old, chipped set.

And lastly, this happened this weekend!

There is furniture and cushions on the balcony! Warm weather is in sight! It is still cool out most days and cold at night so I am keeping the plants indoors for a couple more weeks, but I was happy to make the balcony look a little cuter. I washed all the furniture and the floor on the weekend so it is looking much brighter and happier out here. The turquoise/green pillow isn't new- it used to be on my couch and then moved to the locker for a long time. I am thinking I am liking the colours with the navy striped pillows and yellow chair, so I think I will swap the flamingo pillow for the other matching pillow.

I am also now thinking apple green might be THE colour for the tabletop. What do you think?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 8

Current Weight: 158 (down 7 lbs overall)
BMI: 24.7

It is soo frustrating to lose weight sometimes. It happens slowly (unless you go all crazy on veggies and exercise, but I prefer to enjoy life while I lose the weight- and I hope to be able to keep it off easier by doing it this way!). I really really want to hit 155 and knowing it will probably take a MONTH to drop that 3 pounds can be depressing.

However, it is pretty fun to know I will get there, even if it takes time. Because I have a plan. A woman my height needs roughly 1800-2000 calories per day to maintain weight (this number really differs depending on where you look). A pound is roughly equal to 3500 calories. So by removing 500 calories per day I can expect to lose a pound a week. This is how my calorie counting app on my phone works and I have been working hard to stick to it and I am seeing roughly a pound lost per week! SCIENCE!

This week will be tough, because a certain Mr. E.B. showed up this weekend:

That Oh Henry bar is totally missing already. Mwahaha

But my diet plan is very simple- 1400 calories per day passes my mouth (maybe a touch more if I have had a really tough workout). That is all it is. So chocolates CAN be eaten, but I just need to watch out because if I eat too many there will be no calories left for dinner! I have been following this plan really well for 2 months now and it is so easy to follow because I do not deny myself anything- I have KD, pizza, chocolate, ice cream etc. I just watch the quantity and weigh my options when selecting something higher calorie. 

I think just jumping into "I will start my diet today" just doesn't work! You need a plan and you need to work hard to stick to it in the first few weeks while you make it a habit. I now track my calories and calculate my room for treat food without even thinking about it. 

Now excuse me while I figure out how much of that chocolate bunny I can eat today...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

I know a lot of people are finished Lent yesterday, and I am pretty sure that means it is time to eat all yummy things! I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you and helps restock your chocolate and candy supplies, but if not, I thought I would share some delicious dessert recipes that I have blogged about.

I didn't do any Easter baking this year (sorry family), so please enjoy a gander at these yummy brownie cookies bombs I made last year!

Other yummy dessert recipes found (and taste tested by me) on Waffling:

Banana Cupcakes
Peppermint Candies
Colourful Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mini Apple and Pumpkin Pies
Pancake Cupcakes
Shortbread Cookies
Peanut Butter Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cookie Cake

Please share your favourite dessert for Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kitchen Counter Organization

I have this spot on my kitchen counters that is generally used as a landing spot for all sorts of random things. I don't really use this little bit of counter for cooking or baking unless I am doing a really big recipe, so it generally collects other things like my Magic Bullet, my hair things, plates, bills, and random junk.

I removed the dishes for your viewing pleasure. And you can ignore the drill battery in the upper right corner- it is no longer works and I need to properly dispose of it. Oh and ignore all the mess in the hallway on the right- those are the pillows that are waiting to go on the balcony (Spring! Where did you go??)

Everything else I need to stay on the counter. The pink things are my shampoo and conditioner. I wear a wig and wash my hair in the kitchen sink with the vegetable sprayer so I need to keep this kind of stuff in my kitchen. I have tried keeping it in the bathroom but it always comes back out and then I am too lazy to put it away.

I have a theory that everything looks neater when in a tray. I did this in my bathroom and never looked back! So for the past little bit I have been on the lookout for the perfect tray for this space to corral all these random things- and last night I finally found one at Marshalls.

They had a bunch of sizes, and I wasn't sure what size I needed...but I think I picked right! It fits everything just right. It was $25 too, so not cheap but not terribly expensive for such a pretty tray. I love the mother of pearl finish and that it goes with the beige backsplash. Plus it will be easy to wipe clean, which is handy since I am pretty messy :)

Oh and this isn't a wide-angle trick, the long edges are actually curved. I love that all these random things finally have a pretty place to go and that more than half the countertop is now clean (and ready for more dirty dishes to pile up on it).

Do you have a go-to trick for looking instantly organized?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In Defense of White Appliances

You may have noticed that my kitchen has white appliances.

If you watch House Hunters (and the like) on HGTV, you may have noticed that a lot of people don't like white appliances.

This needs to change!

I happen to love my appliances. They do an amazing job keeping my food cold, then hot, then cleaning the plates I eat off of :). I also LIKE that they are white. I find they blend in more, and match the white furniture that adorns the rest of the condo. I am not sure why there is this trend to making your appliances more is like trying to make your furnace more visible!

Now, I am not going against stainless steel, white, or even pink appliances! Different rooms call for difference styles, and that is why different coloured appliances exist in the first place. I just feel like for my space, white is the best option and I hope that when I go to sell one day the people touring my place don't go all HGTV on me.

Here are some other great kitchens with white appliances!


So tell me- what is your favourite "line" from House Hunters? Mine was the lady who almost didn't buy a house because the kitchen didn't have a built in microwave. I know it is a fixed show, but I do love the crazy things people pick on!!
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